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Etkinlik Başlığı: LZ DX CONTEST
Etkinlik Tarihi: 20.11.2016


LZ DX Contest


Organized By
Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs

Date and period
The weekend before the last full weekend of November (the weekend before CQWW CW contest weekend) from 12:00 UTC on Saturday till 11:59 UTC on Sunday (19-20 November 2016).

Bands and modes
80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters HAM radio bands on both CW and SSB modes.
It is necessary to observe IARU band plan.

Station Entry Categories

General Station Rules
Entrants in "High Power" categories transmit with more than 100W RF, but no more than the power allowed by their license or 1500W RF, whichever is lower.
Maximum output power for entrants in "Low Power" categories must not exceed 100W RF.
All transmitters and receivers of a station must be within a single 500-meter diameter circle. Antennas must be physically connected by RF transmission lines to the transmitters and receivers.
The use of DX-Cluster, Skimmer or Skimmer-like technology (such as Reverse Beacon Network, RBN) is allowed. Spotting information obtained from any source outside the station boundary via a closed or dedicated communication link (such as Web-SDR, Remote Control) may NOT be used. Requesting stations to announce one’s own call through a spotting technology is NOT allowed.
Bulgarian stations are listed and ranked separately from foreign entrants.

Single Operator
Only one person performs all operating, logging and spotting functions as well as equipment and antenna adjustments without any external assistance.

SINGLE-OP ALL MIXED HIGH - Single Operator/All Bands/Mixed/High Power
SINGLE-OP ALL MIXED LOW - Single Operator/All Bands/Mixed/Low Power
SINGLE-OP ALL CW HIGH - Single Operator/All Bands/CW/High Power
SINGLE-OP ALL CW LOW - Single Operator/All Bands/CW/Low Power
SINGLE-OP ALL SSB HIGH - Single Operator/All Bands/SSB/High Power
SINGLE-OP ALL SSB LOW - Single Operator/All Bands/SSB/Low Power
SINGLE-OP 10M MIXED HIGH - Single Operator/Single Band/Mixed-10M
SINGLE-OP 15M MIXED HIGH - Single Operator/Single Band/Mixed-15M
SINGLE-OP 20M MIXED HIGH - Single Operator/Single Band/Mixed-20M
SINGLE-OP 40M MIXED HIGH - Single Operator/Single Band/Mixed-40M
SINGLE-OP 80M MIXED HIGH - Single Operator/Single Band/Mixed-80M
SINGLE-OP ALL MIXED QRP - Single Operator/All Bands/Mixed/QRP (max.10W)

Single band categories are only "High Power".

Multi Operator
More than one person performs all operating, logging and spotting functions as well as equipment and antenna adjustments.

MULTI-OP SINGLE-TX ALL MIXED HIGH - Multi Operators/Single Transmitter/All Bands/Mixed

Multi operator category is only "High Power".

Türkiye Radyo Amatörleri Cemiyeti
9 Nisan 1991 tarihi ve 91/1741 sayılı Bakanlar Kurulu kararı ile KAMU YARARINA çalışan bir dernektir.
IARU International Amateur Radio Union Member