TA VHF UHF CONTEST 2024 (English)

06.07.2024 – 07.07.2024
15:00 LOCAL - 12:00 UTC – 15:00 LOCAL - 12:00 UTC

Türkçe sayfa için tıklayınız! 

Time / Date

First Weekend of July  - Starting 12:00 UTC 06.07.2024    Ending 12:00 UTC 07.07.2024


All valid hamradio operators limited with the legal allowed frequencies according to their country rules.


VHF 6M (50-52 MHz) VHF (144-146 Mhz ) and UHF ( 430-440 Mhz ).


SSB, CW, FM  according to  IARU Region I Band Plan


  1. Single Operator : SSB, CW, FM seperate logs for each band.(combined EDI log for submit)
  2. Multi Operators: SSB, CW, FM seperate logs for each band.
  3. Logs may include multiple bands. But if the station applies  for single band category , the other logs will be used as check logs.

For single band operators, there is mainly two categories. All mode(CW/SSB/FM) and only FM.

Multi Operator Multiband
Single Operator Multiband-MultiMode
Single Operator Single Band (FM) VHF
FM Multiband
Single Operator Single Band (All Mode) VHF


Do not forget to add all operator callsigns in the log on Multi Operator categories.


RS and RST (59 veya 599), All logs will be starting from 001 for each band + 6 digits Locator

It is possible to have other contests in same dates. All stations replying to contest call will be valid if they provide a serial + locator information.


Calculations will be based on distance and mod.

  • 50-52   Mhz = 1 Points/km
  • 144-146 Mhz = 2 Points/km
  • 430-440 Mhz = 3 Points/km
  • For FMx1, SSB x2, CW x3 multiplier will be added to distance.

Final scores will be sum of all points according to the categories applied.


  1. No repeater, echolink or Hotspots contacts accepted. All contacts should be simplex direct communication
  2. No digital mods (FT8, JT65 etc) allowed
  3. No DMR, C4FM etc digital radios allowed. All qsos should be analog.
  4. For single operator category, Non Turkish operators should have minimum 5 TA-TB-TC-YM stations in their corresponding band.
  5. For multi operator category, Non Turkish operators should have minimum 8 TA -TB-TC-YM stations in their corresponding band.
  6. Logs should be submitted in EDI format.
  7. Serial numbers will be started from 001 for each band.
  8. If applying for FM only, there should be no SSB/CW contacts included in the logs. If there is, points should be set to 0 on calculation.
  9. Only one QSO per callsign is allowed for each band even for different mods. It means it is not allowed to QSO with same station same band with FM and  SSB etc..


  1. Only a single category for Multiple Operators category. There is no Mod/Band seperation
  2. For single operators;
    1. Single Band FM Only( 3 seperate band categories)
    2. All Bands  FM Only
    3. All Mods Single Bands ( 3 seperate band categories)
    4. All Mods all Bands

Deadline for sending logs will be 2 weeks prior to the contest date. Logs will be uploaded on web submission page. Address will be announced lated on TRAC webpage.

UDC file that should be used for this contest is uploaded to N1MM site and TRAC site. Please download the new version of TA_VHF_UHF contest udc file if you downloaded before. ( https://n1mmwp.hamdocs.com/mmfiles/vhf_uhf_ta-udc/ )

Certificates will be prepared and send to all applicants that is valid for this contest.

Log Upload webpage will be announced later.

If needed you can contact via tacontest@gmail.com address.


Oguzhan KAYHAN